Armor 8 Nano Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal Disinfectant Spray 60ml / 250ml


Remarks: Please take note that spray/liquid items could not ship to East Malaysia.

The Smart Coat’s Armor8 is an Antibacteria Nano Spray disinfectant product that is perfectly works for any of the unfavourable surface.

The Armor 8 Nano Spray you can apply for your Baby and children products, Electronics Devices, Household Items, Personal Items, Car interiors, Sports Equipment, Travel Accessories etc. By Using this Armor 8 Antibacterial Nano Spray you can protect your Home’s from Germ Spreading Areas like Kitchen, fridge, Bathrooms, Bed Rooms, Electronic Devices, Dining Tables, Sofas etc. It can apply for Offices, Hospitals, restaurants and other industries electronic devices, hospital or clinic’s surgery equipment’s, bed rails, wheel chairs, telephones, systems, wash basin sinks, taps, toilets etc. The same can be applied for office desks, keyboards, mouse, photo copier, public bathrooms, mugs, door handles etc.

The non-toxic spray is also perfect to use on tools, tyres, vinyl, stainless steel, engines, plastic, rubber, walls and ceilings, concrete, sinks, showers and bathtubs, and more! This disinfectant spray can defend against harmful germs & Considering the fact that it offers excellent and long-lasting protection, it is quite a surprise, or a huge bonus is the fact that the protection it provides last for up to 30 Days. With unique ingredients in its formula, Armor8® will prevent you & your loved ones with the harmful bacteria around you, and this versatility adds to its value. The Armor8® has a main component that is designed to form & bond to any of the surface coated with germs, leaving a protective barrier against harmful bacteria.

It can be use at anywhere such as home, office, playground, car & etc.

60ml – up to 160 sprays
250ml – up to 700 sprays

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 23 cm

Spray-60ml, Spray-250ml, Refill-300ml-Twin-Pa