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Baby Basic Organic 3 In 1 Baby Germ Rice 宝宝百味3合1有机胚芽米 500g


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Pioneering “rice formula” designed by experienced dietitian daddy
The first 3 in 1 formula (Endosperm, germ, rice bran)
Upgraded from former formula, incorporate more nutrient from rice germ and rice bran
easier to cook and packed with more intense favor
Normal white rice only contains the “starchy” part of the rice grain.
Our 3 in 1 baby germ rice also incorporate the rice germ (source of minerals and vitamin Bs) and the bran fraction (source of prebiotic dietary fibre and fatty acids)
100% natural, no additive, prewashed (no soaking before cooking)

-Strict selection of high-quality rice from Hualien county from Taiwan east coast
-USDA organic certification
-No pesticides, no genetic modification, no preservatives
-No need to soak, fast cook (15mins), soft and easy to absorb
-Suitable for baby over 6-month-old
-Vacuum packed can keep for 18 months
-Made in Taiwan

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