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Beeson Premium 7’s Hammock Springs With Safety Band (suitable to use with electronic cradle machine)


4 in stock

Beeson’s 7 Springs used for hammock is specially designed to promote more restful and longer sleep for baby.
They have been designed especially for the purpose of suspending baby hammocks from the ceiling.
The constant soft swinging of the spring is similar to the baby’s experience in the mother’s womb.
It promotes relaxation and well being so that your little one will quickly ,easily and happily fall asleep.

-7’s hammock springs rated to 19kg. it is ideal for heavier babies & for older children.
-U-Locks- for extra security, u locks are undoubtedly the best way.
-Safety band to prevent babies from falling off if spring breaks
-Material: steel metalic chrome plated
-Total of Spring: 7’s hammock springs weight capacity up to 18kgs

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 28 × 9 cm