Bruno Choice Organic Baby Pasta (10mth/12mth+) (Butterfly/Teddy/Dinosaur/Rabbit Shapes)


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Bruno Choice (a UK company) brings to you Organic Pasta produced in Italy, made with love and most importantly, organic ingredients from Italy. By using bronze die-plates to shape the pasta and then subjecting the pasta to a special drying period, Bruno Choice Organic Pasta takes pride in ensuring nutrients and quality can best be retained in the way our pasta is produced. With no salt or colour additives, what you see is what you get: fun, good quality, and simple food for your family.

✅No added salt , preservatives and colour.
✅Certified Organic by OF&G
✅Made in Italy.

❤️Butterfly Pasta – 250g (suitable for baby 10months above)
❤️Dinosaur Pasta- 200g (suitable for baby 12months above)
❤️Teddy Bear Pasta- 200g (suitable for baby 12months above)
❤️Rabbit Pasta- 200g (suitable for baby 12months above)

How to cook?
Step 1: Bring 500ml of water to a boil
Step 2: Add in the desired amount of pasta and cook for 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally
Step 3: Drain the water with a container
Step 4: Add soup or your favourite pasta sauce to enjoy

Bruno Choice有机宝宝Pasta?精选优质有机材料:有机菠菜,有机番茄及有机粗粒杜兰小麦?

-英国严格有机测试OF&G Organic✅

❤️Bruno Butterfly?小蝴蝶(适合10个月以上)
❤️Bruno Teddy Bear?小熊熊(适合12个月以上)
❤️Bruno Dinosaur?小恐龙(适合12个月以上)
❤️Bruno Rabbitt?小兔子(适合12个月以上)

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 13 × 20 cm

Butterfly-10mth+, Dinosaur-12mth+, Teddy-12mth+, Rabbit-12mth+