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Coby UV V3 Sterilizer Combo Set (With Multifunction Food Processor + 3in1 Multifunction Bottle Warmer)


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Coby UV Version 3 Sterilizer 3 In 1 Combo Food Processor and Warmer

1 – Coby UV Sterilizer comes to the third generation
Bacteria are everywhere, effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria | Large capacity 17L | Double Philip UV lamps | Failure indicator
It’s really not easy to take care of a child, sleep, take a bath, play with, drink milk, milk, change the film, etc.~ So this time UV Sterilizer V3 gives you a large capacity, no need to disinfect in batches, it can be done in one go??
Noble and a lot of design, how can my mother resist it ❓
Coby UV Sterilizer V3 has 4 groups of functions
?Automatic function-default drying for 45 minutes; sterilization for 15 minutes (time can be adjusted for 40, 50, 60 minutes)
? Sterilization function-default sterilization 15 minutes (time can be adjusted 10, 15, 20 minutes)
? Drying function-default drying 60 minutes (time can be adjusted 40, 50, 60 minutes)
?Storage function-up to 8 hours (open in automatic mode for the first hour, and disinfection for 5 minutes every hour after 7 hours)

2 – Coby Multi-functional Baby Food Processor

The intimate low-speed stirring is suitable for babies who have just come into contact with complementary foods;
The high-speed mixing is suitable for older babies who have complementary food.
?Safe material
✔ FDA certified
✔ Site setting with super suction
?Simple operation
✔Press to steam
✔Turn and stir
?Easy to clean up
✔ The mixing container and stainless steel scraper can be taken out for individual cleaning
✔7cm diameter wide sink, easy to clean

3 – Coby Multifuction Bottle Warmer
With Coby Multifuction Bottle Warmer can quickly and easily prepare your baby’s supper within 5 minutes, allowing you to return to your sweet sleep again??
⭕Lightweight and not obstructive design
⭕Uniform and rapid heating (baby food supplement can also be heated)
⭕It can also help you defrosting
⭕A juice extraction aid is attached
From the birth of the baby to the complementary food, the bigger one can also act as a juicer. Safely let your baby prepare a glass of fresh juice for you by himself ? ?
1️⃣ key operation; 5️⃣ kinds of gears
1 Constant temperature thawing breast milk/complementary food The temperature is between 33°~35°C
2 Constant temperature milk temperature is between 38°~40°
3 Heat the milk to 40°C at a constant temperature of 70°C
4 Heat the auxiliary food to 38°C at a constant temperature of 85°C
5 Heat the milk to 38° at a constant temperature of 90°
❌Toxic Plastic

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 38 × 59 × 55 cm