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COBY UV Waterless Sterilizer V2 (Blue)


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[ New generation UV bottle sterilizer with full touch screen panel ]

Coby UV2 Waterless Sterilizer (Blue)

* A sleek no button design
* Dynamic time color liquid crystal display (LCD)
* Coated with high end insulation finishing
* Powerful advanced twin UV technology

**Built not just to sterilize milk bottles, but for a host of other stuffs your baby loved such as smart phone or soft toy
which not suitable to be sterilized via water or in high temperature. This ensures and added layer of defense for your
baby’s health.

**The casing of the latest Coby UV are build with ABS material rated to be superior in strength compare to PP & able to
produce silky smooth and shinier surface.

**Luxuriously built and equipped with twin Philips UV lamps, which are able to save the sterilization time by 50% as
compare with single UV lamp model.

**16L is the perfect capacity for UV sterilization as higher capacity will decrease UV efficiency. This capacity can
efficiently sterilize and eliminate bacteria for at least 12 milk bottles at once.

**Featuring unique drying adjustment technology to accommodate difference items, different humidity levels with
precise heat temperature control with 20-50 minutes on demand settings.

**Built in with Hepa air filtration system – ensures clean air throughout the UV sterilizer.

**The special coated tempered glass maximized UVC penetration and see through effect so that user have visual
assurance when the UV lamp in operation.

**Food grade, high gloss mirror effect coated stainless steel liner for thorough UV reflection and performance.

**4 simple yet comprehensive operational modes. Auto, drying, sterilizing and storage modes can be timed
customized and adjust according to your needs.

**Coby UV is equipped with UV leakage safety switch for malfunction prevention without compromising on product’s
aesthetic appearance.

– Warranty: 1 Year on mechanism
– Product Dimension: 35cm x 33cm x 35cm [L x B x H]
– Voltage: 220V / 50HZ
– Watt: 80w
– Volume: 16L

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 42 cm