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Euky Bear Disinfectant Tea Tree Spray 100g


10 in stock

Euky Bear Disinfectant Tea Tree Spray
(For Peninsular Malaysia Only)

Special Features

• All the uses of 100% pure Tea Tree Oil

• Quick, convenient & mess free

• Easily reach feet for natural antifungal relief

• Antibacterial freshness blast for shoes

• Quick-dry alternative to greasy antiseptic creams

Consumer Information:

-Contains pure Melaleuca alternifolia

-In an easy-to-use spray format; no waste or mess

-All the traditional uses of tea tree oil: antiseptic, insect bites, antifungal for tinea, foot odour, head lice and more (see below)

-Easy to reach feet, other body areas – dries quickly.

Cleans, freshens and deodorises around the home – especially tough odours like bins and areas of mould and mildew.

100% Euky Bear’s Tea Tree Spray is a high quality, pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil in an easy to use aerosol. Contains 100% pure Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree oil.

Euky Bear’s Tea Tree Spray does not contain any Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Propellan

Directions for Use

-Minor cuts & insect bites
For quick, mess free first aid for minor cuts, abrasions and insect bites, hold can approximately 15cm from the skin and spray.

-Fungal infections
Treat tinea fast the natural way: after washing and drying thoroughly, hold can 12-15cm from affected area. May also help prevent infection if used after communal showering. Repeat as needed.

-Foot odour & shoes
Funky feet or shoes? Spray directly on feet to kill bacteria and fungi which cause unpleasant odour. May also be sprayed inside shoes.

-Sports and fitness
Don’t share germs at gym; spray shared gym equipment such as boxing gloves and yoga mats.Spray sports shoes and gym bags for a blast of natural freshness.

-Head lice
Lice don’t like Tea Tree. Spray hairbrushes and inside children’s caps to help deter them

Household Uses:

For floors, hard surfaces, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, spray to help remove unwanted bacteria and odours.

-Mould and Mildew
To help prevent mould and mildew, spray problem area. Do not rinse.

To freshen toilets spray as required. It helps to kill germs and remove unwanted bacteria and odours.

-Rubbish Bins
Wash rubbish bins as normal then use the Spray to deodorize.

-Travel & Recreation
Spray to freshen and deodorise sleeping bags, tents and camping toilets. Terrific for freshening caravans, boats and fishing gear.

-Pet Quarters
For dog and pet quarters, spray on bedding and around pet areas to clean and deodorise. May help reduce fleas and other insects.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes. Use sparingly on sensitive areas and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Care must be taken with serious wounds and they should be examined by a health professional as soon as possible.

Store below 30°C

100gram aerosol can.

Expired: 04/2023

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