Ivenet Bebe Finger Yogurt (Plain/Blueberry/Banana/Strawberry) 20g


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Ivenet Bebe Finger Yogurt 20g
1) Plain
2) Blueberry (Best Before: 16/03/2022)
3) Banana (Best Before: 02/03/2022)
4) Strawberry (Best Before: 18/03/2022)

-Recommended for Baby over 7 months+

-Manufactured in Korea/ No gluten, No salt, No flavoring agent,

-Freeze drying yogurt Baby snack with live lactobacillus, 2 billion live fresh lactobacillus. It might help leading to good health on baby’s intestine

-2 EA of lactic-acid fermented milk(100g) is the equivalent in 1 bag(20g) of Bebe finger yogurt.

-As yogurt is made in the shape for babies to hold easily, it helps develop fine motor skills.

-Freeze-drying method: It’s reliable manufacturing in Korea. It minimizes destruction of nutrients by manufacturing with the method of freeze-drying.

-What is “Freeze-drying”? Ingredients quickly freezes (under -40°C) and dried. It’s high-tech method to minimize destruction of taste, flavor and nutrient. No bad elements in the food of our baby Mom feels safe feeding as gluten which is indigestible, salt, preservative are not added for baby’s health.

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Plain, Blueberry, Banana, Strawberry