K-MOM Kids Toothbrush (12M~36M / 24M~12Y)


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K-MOM Kids Toothbrush (12M~36M / 24M~12Y)

First stage children’s toothbrush: for children 12-36 months, intended for the first period of tooth growth. Especially suitable for exercise in dental care routine. Soft, thin bristles especially reduce gum lesions. At this stage, your child’s first teeth are still growing, so the gums are susceptible and irritated. The bristles of the toothbrush in the first stage are thinner and softer to gently massage the gums and reduced lesions. Two-step customized oral care solutions from Mother K.

Second stage: the appearance of the first bushes for teeth from 24 months to 12 years. This toothbrush is designed for already grown children who begin to chew a variety of food. During this stage, your children will start brushing their teeth independently, and the non-slip grip will be stable and comfortable to hold in your hand. Soft, elastic and combined bristles combined and soft

1.5 immediately denser bristles
Produced by companies certified by ISO standards.
Extremely comfortable grip. Designed for babies and children of the first experience with a toothbrush.

As the child grows, the structure of their teeth and gums changes. K-MOM toothbrushes for children with gentle bristles apply to the first cleansing. A combination of soft and elastic bristle to remove plaque and promote healthy gum care and massage for up to 24 months at the last stages of development of the first teeth. The brush heads are different and age-adjusted. 1.5 times a more complete bristler. The K-MOM toothbrush bristles are made by DuPont, the world’s leading nylon manufacturer. K-MOM 1.5 times more complete bristly cores reduce wear and make it possible for the bristly to reach every corner of the teeth and help to properly care for the growing teeth of children. Wider brush head for thorough cleaning. The wider brush head maximizes the contact area and allows access to hard-to-reach places to remove plaque without even having good cleaning skills. A thin design of the upper brush, protects the oral cavity from damage. The K-MOM toothbrush is round and thin, designed for the delicate oral cavity of children. It is also sturdy and resistant to fractures. Comfortable grip adhesion is adapted to form a habit of children’s early brush-keeping. A wide and anti-slip handle facilitates tooth brushing. Comfortable grip is made taking into account the needs of children, who are still only in the exercise of dental care routine.

Babies and children’s first toothbrushes every mom is very careful when choosing her first toothbrush. Toothbrushes that meet the needs of the child’s teeth at each stage of their development. K-MOM first-stage toothbrushes for babies who have the first teeth (12 to 36 months) soft bristleheads prevent gum damage. K-MOM second-stage toothbrushes for children with already grown-up molars (24 months to 12 years) combined, soft and elastic bristles for excellent removal of plaque. Made in Korea

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