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Lunavie Double Ziplock Breastmilk Storage Bags ( 25 packs ) ( 12oz / 350ml )

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Lunavie Double Zip-Lock Breast Milk Storage Bag is a medical-grade sterilized double zip lock bag that is ready for immediate use. It is leakproof with double zip-locks to prevent splitting. It is made of BPA free & amp; non-toxic material.

FDA – FDA approved material used, safe and recommend for extended freezer storage

MEDICAL GRADE STERILIZATION – Pre-sterilized and ready to use

DOUBLE ZIP-LOCK DESIGN – Leak-proof with double zip-lock to prevent splitting

BPA FREE – Made of BPA free and non-toxic material

SELF-STANDING DESIGN – Self-standing bag for easy storage

EASY TO WRITE – Easy to read and write in designated area for date, name and amount

ACCURATE – Pre-calibrated ounce/ml label for accurate measuring

Storage Instructions:
1. Tear the tab to filling in the breast milk
2. Carefully pour the breast milk into storage bag
3. Leave some space on top to allow for expansion when milk freezes
4. Seal the zipper of the Storage Bag
5. Label the storage bag with date and time and put in freezer or refrigerator

Feeding Instruction:
– Stored in a freezer: Thaw frozen breast milk in the refrigerator. After thawed, carefully pour the breast milk into a feeding bottle for warming up
– Stored in a refrigerator: Carefully pour the breast milk into a feeding bottle for warming up
– Warm the breast milk and test the temperature before feeding (40°C)
– Safely discard the storage bag

– This product is a disposable storage device that cannot be reinstalled
– Advice no overheat breastmilk as it will destroy nutrients in breast milk
– Do not heat up the pack in the microwave
– The frozen breast milk doesn’t allow to refreeze after opening it
– For hygiene, tear the tab immediately before filling and safely discard the tab
– Keep the storage bag away from a child’s reach

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