MAM Heat Sensitive Baby Feeding Spoons & Cover


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Learning to eat independently
MAM Feeding products gradually help babies gain independence and make the transition to solid food easy. Babies learn step by step how to eat like adults. Special functions and modern colors and shapes quickly make learning to eat independently a successful experience. And babies have fun at the same time!

With MAM heat sensitive baby feeding spoons you’ll be able to see the spoons change colour when food is too hot. The spoons are also soft and gentle on those tender gums. The non slip surface allows both babies and parents to hold allowing babies to practise self feed.

MAM’s Heat sensitive feeding spoons 2pk includes two sizes of spoon to help ease the transition to self-feeding. The long-handled spoon is designed to help adults reach into deep food jars; the short-handled spoon is easy for baby to grasp while learning to feed themselves.

The spoons are soft and are gentle on baby’s gums. Structured handles incorporate an innovative rubber grip that is placed exactly where needed most, positioned at the end of the long handle for adult hands; positioned in the middle of the shorter spoon for baby’s small hands.

The small, protective cover conveniently stores both spoons for on-the-go meals and easily tucks into a change bag without taking up precious space. Its functional design also allows parents to store each spoon separately, so one spoon remains clean, even if the other is dirty.

Now the clever part; the heat sensitive spoons change colour if food is too hot for the baby. (please see images to see the colour change)

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Dimensions 12 × 26 × 6 cm

Pink, Blue, Green