Natural Organic Original Baby Wipes 100Pcs (Plain/Embossing)


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– Certified as infant baby wipes
– Non-irritation & non-toxicity
– Allergy-free & Unscented
– Natural with ultra-pure water come in antibacterial packaging
– Suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers, sensitive skins
– Safe for hand, mouth, and utensils
Made in South Korea

It contains natural calendula extract for dry and sensitive baby skin to keep it moisturized and healthy.
Natural Organic is a safe, organic baby wipe with most certifications from Korea, UK, USA, Germany, and Japan. Non-irritation, non-toxicity, allergy-free, unscented, natural with ultra-pure water come in antibacterial packaging with an easy one-hand system and are made in Korea. Suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers, sensitive skins and safe for hand, mouth, and utensils.

1) The highest rating in dermatological testing
– Attained Dermatest’s non-irritant certified mark.

2) Free of toxic material for your skin cells
– Attained cell toxicity test authorized by the US FDA.

3) Infant friendly product
– Certified by the Japanese MHLW for baby wipes suitable for infants.

4) Anti-bacterial S mark packaging
– First antibacterial S mark baby wipe packaging in Korea.

5) One hand system for convenience (Not applicable for 30sheets travel pack)
– Inter-folding tissues arrangement allowing the usage until the very last sheet.

6) Free of harmful materials for inhaling
– Verified by Korea Testing & Research Institute for the absence of harmful materials such as humidifier disinfectants.

7) Made from premium organic materials
– Used organic materials certified by ECOCERT (France) and ACO (Australia).

8) Made with pure water
– Uses a 6-steps water treatment process, even cleaner than drinking water.

9) Allergy friendly product
– Attained Allergy Friendly Product Certificate by the UK

10) Made-to-order product
– Products are marked with manufactured & expired dates.

11) Multi-purpose cleaning wipe
– Made from ultra-pure water and can be used for facial cleaning.

Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 8 × 17 × 10 cm

Original-Plain, Original-Embossing