Philips Avent Pacifier – Ultra Air Night / Ultra Air / Ultra Air Animals / Ultra Soft / Fashion (0-6m / 6-18m) Twin Pack


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A light, breathable pacifier for sensitive skin

Soothe your baby with a pacifier that lets skin breathe and is easy to find at night. ultra air night has extra large air holes to keep sensitive skin soft & dry, and a glow-in-the-dark button so you can see it while the lights are out.

Features :
* Lets sensitive skin breathe
Extra large air holes gently ventilate your baby’s skin to keep it soft and dry.

* Gently rests on skin
Ultra air is designed with a lightweight shield and rounded edges for maximum comfort.

* Easy to find when the lights are out ( Ultra Air Night Only )
Use ultra air’s glow-in-the-dark button to find your baby’s pacifier quickly without having to switch on the lights.

* The ideal texture for a feeling of comfort
Everything about the ultra air pacifier is designed to feel light and comfortable, including the silky nipple.

* Loved by babies worldwide*
When we asked moms how their little ones respond to our textured silicone nipples, on average 98% said that their baby accepts Philips Avent ultra soft and ultra air pacifiers.

* Respects the natural shape of palate, teeth and gums
Look after your little one’s oral development with a symmetrical nipple that respects the natural shape of their palate, teeth and gums.

* Sterilize and store in one handy case
The ultra air travel case doubles as a sterilizer, so all you need to do is add some water and pop it in the microwave. Then rest easy that it’s clean for the next use.

Specification :
* Made in UK
* 0-6m or 6-18m
* Orthodontic & BPA-Free
* 2-pcs per pack
* Come with storage case
* No individual cap provided (except Fashion soothers)
* With glow-in-the-dark button ( Ultra Air Night only )

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 13 cm

0-6m-U.Air-Night-B, 6-18m-U.Air-Night-P, 0-6m-Ultra-Air-Pink, 6-18m-U.Soft-DrkBlue, 6-18m-U.Soft-Purple, 6-18m-U.Soft-Grey, 6-18m-U.Soft-Yellow, 0-6m-U.Air-Lion, 0-6m-U.Air-Owl, 0-6m-U.Air-Elephant, 0-6m-U.Air-Chick, 6-18m-U.Air-Turtle, 6-18m-U.Air-Penguin, 6-18m-U.Air-Whale, 6-18m-U.Air-Bear, 6-18m-U.Air-Unicorn, 6-18m-Fashion-Blue, 6-18m-Fashion-Purple