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QBabyMarket Organic Multi Germ Grain (Super Food) 600g


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? ???? ??????®Organic Baby Multi Germ Grain have 6 types of (SUPER FOOD) germ grain complete nutrition :
❤️All the 3 types of Q Baby Market baby germ rice that was shown above are originated from the collaborative organic farm in Taiwan. The process of cultivation and harvesting were carried out once in a year only to ensure on the quality of the soil so that the best nutrition can be transferred to the germ rice and later on nourish your children.
❤️The most nutritious part of the rice is at the germ of rice, the smallest part of the rice. As compared to white rice, germ rice contains a higher amount of minerals and Vitamin B, which is 2-3 times more than white rice. After removing rice husk and leave not less than 15% of the rice bran, the content of unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin B, sterol, dietary fiber and minerals are sufficient for the body’s needs. Pearl germ rice is soft and glutinous while the long-grain germ rice has a firmer texture. The mixing of two different types of grain enhances the texture of the rice. Moreover, black germ rice that was originated from Taiwan has a higher amount of calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B1 as compared to white rice. Black germ rice also contains anthocyanins which give a better appearance and provide antioxidant properties. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant source that helps in protecting the body from the free radical to prevent from cell damage and at the same time, it can help to improve eyesight.
❤️Amaranth Grain
Amaranth grain is considered as a pseudocereal which is rare as it contains all the 20 types of amino acid. Amaranth seed not only contains a variety of minerals but also considered as a complete protein source which allows in balancing the needs of amino acid in the body. It is also rich in dietary fiber. Amaranth grain was then being called as a “Super Grain” due to the various comprehensive nutrition content. In recent years, Amaranth grain was being favoured by Western society and it became a norm where the amaranth grain was being ground and added into bread production, claiming that it is good for health. Amaranth grain is completely gluten-free and suitable for people with gluten allergies.
❤️Red & White Quinoa
Quinoa is the millet that we are generally familiar with. Quinoa is the main food crop in Latin America. Quinoa is Chenopodiaceae which has no relation with the wheat grain. There are several types of quinoa which include black, red, white colour. Black and red quinoa have a smaller size while white quinoa has a better texture. According to the ancient language in South America, quinoa means “mother of food”. It is an outstanding protein source as it contains all the 8 essential amino acid that child and adult require. It was known as the Super Grain as it is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, low in fat, low in calories, low in glycemic index and high in dietary fiber.

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