Richell Aqulea Straw Training Mug 150ml


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A new concept mug made from mums wants “Make babies drink with straw earlier”.
Comes in three colors = Blue, pink, and yellow
Recommended Age: From 6 Months & Above

-Helps and teaches kids to practice using straws and drink liquids on their own
-Volume marking on the inside
-Anti-slip handles (easy for baby to hold the cup on his / her own) and base of mug to prevent spillage
-Light and easy for infants and toddlers to hold
-Simple and minimal parts to allow for ease in washing and cleaning
– A lid prevents even minimum liquid leaks (when baby grows old, it can be used as a cup when taking off the lid)
– Ellipse shape straw helps your baby drink comfortably

** Pushing down the mark of “PUSH” applied on the lid, helps the contents inside flow from the straw. Easier for a baby who is still discovering how to suck water from a straw.

How to use (as shown in pictures above)
Step 1: Requires support from adults to hold cup for child as well as pushing the lid of the straw mug. This allows the liquid to flow into the child’s mouth and helping them with remembering the motion.
Step 2: The child learns to hold and drink through the straw and the straw mug provides a solution to all the water spillage and mess!
Step 3: The straw mug can be used as a cup with the lid removed. This will help the babies to learn how to drink water without a straw. The cup is designed with a gentle inner curve so that it dispenses a slower flow of water preventing the child from choking.

Product specifications:
– Dishwasher
– BPA free
– Heat resistance: Lid & Straw (Material Silicone) -20 °C to 140 °C
Cup (Material Polypropylen) -20 °C to 140 °C
– Sterilisation using Boiling (straw, cup, and lid) and Microwaveable (on cup ONLY)
– Straw is not Microwaveable

-Capacity : 150ml (max capacity 190ml)
-Size : 12.5cm x 9.0cm x 9.8cm
-Materials – PP, Elastomer, Silicone Rubber

Weight 0.5 kg

Navyblue, Pink, Yellow