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Roaze Dry Baby Wipes (Gentle) 20cm x 20cm (160 Wipes)


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Roaze dry baby wipes are a perfect replacement for wet baby wipes especially for newborns. You now have a new choice instead of toilet paper and wet wipes. This product can be used as dry and wet baby wipes. It has a gentle touch as a dry baby wipe and a silky feeling as a wet wipe; this product can meet your needs in a variety of ways.

.Produced by automated manufacturing equipment imported from Europe; materials are processed by heat treatment.
.100% medical grade spunlace nonwoven fabrics; natural and pure; contains no fluorescent agents and fragrances.
.The fine and soft cotton is highly absorbent and brings a soft touch without any harm to your skin.
.This product is produced by a dust-free automatic folding package process; non-irritating, safe and reliable.
.Users can make warm wipes to keep their skin warm and comfortable when it’s chilly.

-Cleaning nipple discharge during breastfeeding
-Remove the white coating on your baby’s tongue
-Wipes for delicate skin
-Baby wipes for diaper change
-Wipes for the elderly
-Wipes for smartphones and tablets
-Baby bottle cleaning
-House cleaning
-Can be used as masks and cotton pads
-Makeup remover
-Nursing pads
-Sports and leisure

This product can be used as dry or wet wipes based on the application: the dry wipe is highly absorbent and gives your skin a gentle touch; users can also wet the wipes for better cleaning results.

20cm x 20cm (8inch x 8inch)

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