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Vtech Number Fun Turtle


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Press the light-up number buttons to hear the friendly turtle count and say each number. Choose the addition activity, and the turtle will help your child add two numbers and light up the correct number of buttons. The turtle also features two rollers that introduce shapes, colors and instruments and will add fun sounds into the melodies and sing-along songs in the music activity.


-Press the light-up buttons on the Count and Learn Turtle to hear the friendly turtle say each number or teach simple addition
-Switch to Spanish mode and the turtle will teach numbers, counting, colors, shapes and instruments in Spanish
-Supports STEM curriculum by encouraging early math skills, counting and shapes; watch the buttons light-up and repeat the sequence in fun memory game
-Rollers introduce shapes, colors, instruments and add fun sounds into the melodies and sing-along songs; 125+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases

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Dimensions 9 × 33 × 26 cm